Presence by Abdou Cisse

A Participatory Photographic experience For Abdou Cisse


Producer: People Of Creativity

Curation: Abdou Cisse

Spacial Design: LUWA

Build & Install: Exhibition walls



Presence Exhibition is an art experience Hosted in South London’s Copeland Gallery.

The five day exhibition was an immersive experience that physically brought the audience into the art itself by de-construct the identity of the exhibitor. This was achieved by fragmenting views of participants and artworks through frosted acrylic panels, framed with simple & delicate Timber Frames. The spacial experience revolved around the denial and gratification of visual access to artworks, this resulted in the pull and push of participants in both fixed variable narratives of the artist’s work. With an enthuses on minimal aesthetics, the installation was designed to be assembled with the simplest and cleanest fabrication techniques, celebrating carefully considered Joints & concealing screws and other fixing agents.